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Fresh New Website

So fresh and so clean... clean. v1.

We had a little business to take care of before we could take care of business. And it wasn’t easy. After nearly 4 weeks of design and development we are releasing V1 of Our new site is a custom build, designed and developed on the fly. We skipped over the steps in our regular process and went right into coding, feeling the payoff would be good.

Self promotion is never easy and we are not an exception to the rule. Starting from scratch with new company branding we had quite the task ahead of us. We buckled ourselves down to the office chairs and, bursting with excitement, we started coding. We had the opportunity to explore and use anything from HTML5 canvas tricks like particle explosions, advanced video and audio tricks, and mobile control to desktop environments. Ultimately, we decided to keep it simple but still representative of what we can provide to our clients.

We hope you enjoy it and find this inspirational. Keep checking back for new updates and features as this is only the beginning!

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